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About Transformers

Helping communities design, implement and maintain projects that enhance their quality of living standard, eradicating hate and planting love in people affected with HIV/AIDS.

TRANSFORMERS is community based organization based in Mathare Nairobi City, Kenya.The organization was established in 2018 and whose goal is to involve community participation aimed at improving livelihoods and poverty reduction, while contributing to secure socio-economic development, ecological stability and ending HIV/AIDS stigma in our slums.

This is what informed the transformation of TRANSFORMERS into a formidable vehicle for the explicit purpose of participating and providing strategic assistance to women, youth and grassroots communities’ activities to eradicate HIV/AIDS Stigma in the society among young and vulnerable children as a priority and to mitigate the wider worsening socio-economic challenges.


To mobilize community consciousness for self-determination, for them to take concrete action towards improvement of livelihoods


The organization currently is providing basic needs to orphans and vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS) within the targeted area. However, Transformers lack essential needed for helping persons to live a life of dignity and care for PLWHAS, which is our scope of limitation.

Charity for Education

Teachings and facilitation's in different organizations, churches, communities and schools

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Feed for Hungr

Providing meals to less fortunate in our society

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Sanitation and Clean Water Systems

We build water systems for our slum communities,which is enabling the communnity to have access to clean water

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Youth Empowerment

Identifying and nurturing talents among the youths,Providing skills through trainings

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Donate for Children

Helping the bed ridden by taking them to hospitals

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Home for Homeless

Providing accommodation for the desperate and needy cases. in the rescue center.

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How can you help?

We established an Endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and assistance in any form whatsoever for any one or more

You can join us,simply fill the form here Contact


Help children,by giving what you would like to offer.


We have children who lack education,now you can change a child's life


As a Community Organisation,we help Slum communities by designing, implementing and maintaining projects that enhance the quality of living standard

Accommodation to Children living with HIV/AIDS

We provide accomodation to homeless Children and strategic assistance to women, youth and grassroots communities’ with HIV/AIDS Stigma in the society ,among young and vulnerable children as a priority and to mitigate the wider worsening socio-economic challenges.

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Youth Empowerment

We provide education and mentorship,concerning sexual transmitted diseases,Health care,Abstainance,Control measures and we provide a platform for holistic growth among youth.etc.

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Environmental Conversation

We connect communities and volunteers with resources to make positive changes in our slums like planting trees fighting climate change.

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